Strategic Planning – Getting a start on 2017

Champagne WallNow that New Year’s resolutions have been made and hopefully are still being kept, it’s time to kick start the working year.

We have found both in our business and for our clients, that the first few weeks are a critical time for us to put our heads into a game plan for the coming year’s event activations and entertaining platforms.

Today, we are spoilt for choice with an extensive range of events and experiences with which to entertain clients.  Ranging from industry events, theatre, arts, sports and major hospitality events, it’s sometimes hard to delineate between the myriad of options out there, which ones will work best for your business and to have the time to road test them.

One of our most rewarding aspects we fulfill as Project Managers is the integral role we play with our clients in working hand-in-hand with them to leverage their businesses marketing and communication plans.  Working to best strategize ways to maximise their current client entertaining platforms by designing a targeted approach to their corporate hospitality needs and expenditure.

Dining2Strategic, fresh and tailored experiences that focus on enhancing your customer’s experience and true brand immersion is key to successful client engagement.

We have found businesses are wanting to be smarter about how they entertain and connect with their customers and in turn clients are wanting more value and opportunity for quality engagement.  Absolute success for our clients comes by developing a strategic calendar that combines a variety of activations to align their business plans and the interests of their clients.  A multi-tiered engagement approach is an effective strategy for managing the return on investment of an entertainment and activation expenditure.

Our team have extensive backgrounds and up to date knowledge of what’s happening in your local market to help you cut through and develop experiences with a point of difference to ensure maximum engagement.

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